Empowering Cambodian Youth to End Gender Based Violence


Empowering Cambodian Youth to End Gender Based Violence

Our mission is to end Gender Based Violence in Cambodia by guiding adolescents through a well-structured co-ed violence prevention program which enables them to recognize, report and prevent abuse.

We provide a safe space for boys and girls to develop communication skills which promote future healthy relationships.

With the expectation that students of this age group will shape the social and political future of Cambodia, we believe it is imperative that this generation understand their rights, responsibilities and have respect both for themselves and others. With the current average age being 25, now is the optimal time to foster such a program.


Our Program

Human Rights

Recognizing our rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Broad and easy to understand, this will allow for the introduction to the concepts of equality and respect.

Gender Equality

What is it? How does it affect us? What are gender roles and norms? Gender and equality. (Universal and Cambodian specific)The importance of gender equality. This will allow a space for students to listen to each other and gain an understanding of the thoughts and feelings of each gender. It will reduce the objectification of girls for sexual purposes.

Healthy Relationships

Learning how to communicate in relationships in a healthy manner. Consent, peer pressure, language skills, cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to recognize feelings and actions to enforce violence prevention methods.

Safe Touch

Focusing particularly on sexual abuse. Learning to recognize signs of abuse. Not only in others, but in ourselves too. Learning to empathize and view the situation and the consequences of actions from the other party. Learning to make a safe plan, ask for help, rely on our peers and prevent abuse.

Self Defense

Five basic moves for all levels and abilities. Learning some key safety language in English and Khmer including NO! STOP! GO! HELP! STRANGER DANGER!


We will deliver the free prevention program through participating schools nationwide.

SAME-CAMBODIA recognizes the need for Cambodians to deliver this education independently. Our facilitator will initiate the program and as we progress, we will recruit Cambodian nationals only who will receive free training to deliver the program. The presence of Cambodian teaching assistants will be requested during all facilitations.



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