• November 13, 2020

A Student’s Story

My Gender Equality Story 

By Rathkhema Chhoun

There are a lot of problems with gender equality in the world. Sometimes people think that girls are weak and uneducated and boys are strong and smart. This brings in back to how I noticed the problem with gender and equality. I remember me sitting in class . I was in year6 and I was 10 years old. My teacher told us that we will be reading a book called “Diving Deep , Going Far” . It was a book about women’s stories and life struggling to fight for their rights. It was an amazing book. Reading it made me feel aware of the problem and aware of the reality of the world. This reminded me of myself and my family. My family expect girls to do housework and boys doing sports. They believed in Chbab Srey which is how girls should be behaved. Girls should be polite,have soft voices, sit in a nice position and do housework. As I started to learn more and more about this, I discovered that there are certain jobs that are suitable for women like being a cleaner, nurse ( not a doctor) , teacher , hairdresser and even a maid or a nanny. People believed that girls are not allowed to be doctors or get high education like men. Also girls are not paid as much as men. I also learned from one of my teachers who was a women bike relay ambassador. She wrote her ginormous bike all across our country. People think that it is not suitable for girls to ride on the bike like a rider alone across the country. Nothing stopped her and she successfully delivered the baton . Some Khmer women went with her too. As I finished the book I understood women’s rights equality and I understood the struggle of Nary who dreamt to become a doctor and was criticised by her aunt. Her parents belived in her and she ended up being a feminist. I proved to my family about the problems of gender equality and they supported me. I learnt a lot from that book and I want to spread my knowledge of women’s rights and gender equality. In my opinion I believe that girls can express their feelings their way, be able to successfully pursue their dreams and just be free. Girls should never be abused and should speak out if they were. I want girls to be treated like boys, women treated like men and I want the world to understand gender equality . I hope everyone would help speak out for gender equality and women rights and I am very thankful for SAME for doing that.

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